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HTC Vietnam is a leading law firm in Vietnam.

HTC Vietnam is not only a reputable legal service provider for Vietnamese businesses but also is a legal consultancy partner for foreign businesses who want to carry out investment activities in Vietnam.

HTC Vietnam is proud of having a team of lawyers and consultants who are highly qualified, dynamic, professional and fluent in foreign languages. We provide services in variety kinds of legal fields such as: Investment Law, Law on Enterprise, Real Estate… as well as participate in resolving Civil and Commercial disputes in the Court and Economic arbitration agency in Vietnam.

Below are all the core values creating HTC Vietnam Law Firm which has been a strong company with the potential to lead in Vietnam field of legal consultancy as well as to be widely known in the region and in the world in the near future.

The vision of HTC Vietnam Law Firm

In the next 10 years, HTC Vietnam will become Vietnam's leading law firm in the region and in the world.

Missions of HTC Vietnam Law Firm

-Protecting legitimate rights and interests of customers;

  • Building a law firm with a professional environment for Vietnamese lawyers to practice law;
  • Developing the intelligence and capacity of Vietnamese lawyers in the process of international integration, promoting Vietnamese culture as well as Vietnamese investment environment in the eyes of foreign investors and international friends;
  • Contribute ideas to build and improvw Vietnamese legal system in the areas of Enterprise Law, Investment Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate ..

The core value of HTC Vietnam Law Firm

-Compliance with law

-Discipline and responsibility;

-Professional and dedicated;

-Transparency and efficiency;

-Training and training;

-Creation and innovation;

-Dedication and benefit.

Above are all the values that every lawyer, consultant and employee of HTC Vietnam always penetrates, we understand that your coorperation is an essential element for us to achieve all the vision and missions.We always look forward to receiving all your pcious feedbacks.

Please contact us at:

1st floor, Building CT1, Me Tri - My Dinh Urban Area, My Dinh 1 Ward , Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.

Mobile: 0989.386.729; 0967.927.483.


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